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Privacy policy Codewith.It

On this page you will find all the information relating to our privacy policy of users who use our editor and their personal data entered and saved in it.

The collected data collects and saves the data entered by the users themselves in the following areas: registration page (new account), personal user area, project/editor area (home page). This data includes: email and password (mandatory for registration) and full personal name (optional). At each access (login) the site will record the user's IP address, for security purposes.
Sensitive data is protected and encrypted.

The sensitive data of each user is not made public, no one can view it on our platform. However, it is possible to trace the nickname (username) of a specific user through the published projects.

To improve everyone's experience, we allow online projects to be saved in our systems. Works saved through the editor are not private, and with prior knowledge of the project's URL, they can be viewed by anyone (unless you purchase an account add-on package that includes blueprints private).

Saved projects may be audited if our security systems detect content sensitive or unsuitable for publication.

In the event that unsuitable content or content that violates the general regulation of is found, we reserve the right to delete such contents and, in the most extreme case, to permanently delete the account, yours contents, or with a permanent ban.

Analyses, like all websites, collects data from web analysis platforms such as Google Analytics. This allows us to constantly monitor the performance of the site and optimize it to offer the best experience possible for all users.

Data management

Information is kept in our systems indefinitely. The data collected (email, name, encrypted password) are used exclusively to provide complete and secure use of the platform.

Administrators can decide at any time to remove a user or project deemed unsuitable e with the presence of prohibited content, without possibility of appeal.

Email and username could be used to send important communications and newsletters with prior consent. Subscription to the latter is automatic during registration, but can be canceled at any time in the account preferences.

The newsletter is associated and unified with that of


Any cookies on the site will allow you to facilitate data entry and management of your account. By reading and accepting our information, your decision will be saved for 28 days, after which you will have to reconfirm.

The cookies we use are:

  • cwsession technical cookie essential for the use of the platform;
  • _ga Google Analytics technical cookie used for traffic monitoring;
  • _cf key Cloudflare technical cookie for security monitoring;


For users who are not logged into the platform, ads may appear randomly advertisers. Advertising helps us to keep the website up and running and to meet technical expenses.


We are not responsible for the improper use of data entered by users. We will not access or modify your data or we will delete, at least that there isn't some kind of violation. Each user is responsible for their own actions, and we will take measures if we deem it necessary.

Data deletion

Complete deletion of data is possible on our platform. This is only possible from the user panel in question, in the 'Delete Account' section.

All account data and projects you own will be deleted from the site, with no chance of recovery.

In case of elimination, the password will be requested. Without this it will not be possible to delete the account, not even from the administrators.

We wish you a great experience with now start a new project!

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