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  • <q>Indica una parte di testo come citazione breve
  • <div>Crea contenitori generici o sezioni in una pagina
  • checkedPre-imposta su 'true' il valore di un elemento input checkbox o radio
  • loopL'attributo loop รจ usato per la riproduzione continua dei contenuti video e audio
  • minImposta il valore numerico o temporale minimo per un elemento input
  • <title>Definisce il titolo della pagina web.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions US

  • Is free?

    Yes. can be used for free.

  • How can I insert an image in the code?

    You can insert the image URL in the HTML tag . To obtain a URL, you can use multimedia file hosting services.

  • I have a problem with the code. Can you help me?

    If the issue is technical, meaning the website or editor is not functioning as expected, you can contact us to describe the error/problem. If you have a practical error with your code, HTML-CSS-JS, please contact us on BytePost.

  • I deleted a file, can I recover it?

    No. Project deletion is permanent.

  • How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    You can cancel your subscription from the user dashboard. However, you may continue to receive important communications.

  • Can I import my external HTML, CSS or JS documents?

    Yes, you can import them. Click on the 'import from file' button in the tools menu of the specific editor.

  • Can someone else save my files?

    If another user knows the URL of your file or views it through a search, they can save it to their library. This means they cannot overwrite yours, but they will have to create a new and distinct file.

  • Can another user overwrite or delete one of my files?

    No, other users can only view and save your file as a new file in their own library. This means they cannot modify or delete the file that you own.

  • Can I delete my account?

    Yes, you can delete your account from the user dashboard. Go to the "Delete Account" section at the bottom of the page, enter your password, and click confirm.

  • If I delete my account, will my files still be saved?

    No. Every file associated with your account will be permanently deleted, without the possibility of recovery.

  • If I deleted an account, can I recover the projects?

    No. Every file associated with your account will be permanently deleted, without the possibility of recovery.

  • Do I need to enable JavaScript to use

    You need to enable JavaScript to use This is because the editor and almost all functions of the software are written in JavaScript. Therefore, you need to enable it in your browser.

  • How can I recover my account password?

    Please Visit the login page and complete the password recovery and reset procedure.

  • I have a problem with the website. Something is not working properly.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have bug reports or general issues with the site, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible using the contact form by clicking here. is constantly updating, and we also ask for your help in making it a better place.

  • How can I report an error?

    Certainly. We will be grateful to anyone who helps us improve our platform. Please contact us through the appropriate contact page.

  • What is the website privacy policy?

    You can find all the information about our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy. You will find all the information about the collection and management of personal data.

  • How can I preview/display my web page?

    After saving a project, you can view it as an actual web page through its embed version (embed <>) or manually &preview=on at the end of the address (for example:

  • Is there a regulation for publishing content?

    Yes. Anyone who wants to publish content and projects on must necessarily comply with our general rules. You can view the rules here: General rules, also available in English. It is recommended to read the rules before publishing.

  • I didnt receive the confirmation email for my account verification. What should I do?

    To access the platform with an account, email verification is required. To this end, an email will be sent to the address entered during registration, so please make sure it is entered correctly. If the confirmation has not yet been received:

    - Check your spam or junk mail folder in your email inbox.
    - You may have entered an incorrect email during registration. Please register again. (Common mistake).
    - Wait a few minutes, email delivery times depend on the server.
    - Try logging in again, the confirmation email will be automatically resent.
    - If necessary, contact us.

  • Can I report a project for inappropriate content?

    We constantly strive to keep a "clean" platform, free from sensitive and inappropriate content. This is also thanks to the help of our members. If you believe that a project contains unsuitable content that could offend someone or something, feel free to report it using the appropriate button in the tool menu warning.

  • What kind of content can be published?

    With our platform, you can create anything you want, as long as the content complies with our guidelines.

  • I cannot log in. What should I do?

    If you are unable to access the platform, the reasons may be:

    - You have entered the wrong credentials.
    - The account does not exist or has not been verified.
    - The site is in maintenance mode, please wait a few minutes.
    - The server is temporarily down. Please wait a few minutes.
    If needed, please contact us.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us